Donation PROTEN GOLD as extrafeeding for MDR TB patients, continued in the middle of covid-19 pandemic in 2020

At end of October 2020, take places at PETA office at East Jakarta area, handover donation from PT. Otsuka Indonesia and Indonesia IMTC, represent by dr. Yoesrianto tahir to Yayasan Pejuang Tangguh (PETA) , represent by its chairman Mrs. Ully Alawiyah.

Donations consist of PROTEN GOLD, as additional nutrition for MDR TB patient, 240 box or 5280 sachets through Yayasan PETA which member are survivor MDR TB patient that give support to other active patient to continue their treatment. Beside PROTEN GOLD, during covid-19 pandemic, number of MDR TB patient are declined due to reluctant to visit hospital, Indonesia IMTC also provide hand sanitizer 225 pcs, and 50 box surgical mask to provide to patient, so they can use it whenever they at home or visit hospital. This donation is targeted for MDR TB patient at greater Jakarta Area.

This additional nutrition donation is very important, because most MDR TB patient have malnourished, from mild to severe. Most patient become malnourished, with body weight below 40 kg. nutrition status related with treatment success. Patient with malnourished difficult to conversion and will take treatment longer. That is why this additional nutrition perhaps can support patient, and their treatment result become better.

Support and concern from all still needed to support MDR TB patient so they have more spirit to continue their treatment that not short.

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