Having Healthy Facial Skin During WFH

In the midst of the Corona pandemic the government appealed to the people to keep their distance, not to gather around such as worshiping at home, studying at home and working from home or Work From Home (WFH).
Doing everything at home including work often makes us lazy to take care of ourselves because we do not have to meet other people. This will have a negative impact on skin health, such as dull, dry skin and other skin problems.
Taking care of facial skin to look healthier during WFH is actually not only done by using beauty products but also through our daily habits.

The following is how to naturally treat facial skin during WFH to stay healthy which can be applied daily :

  • Wash Your Face Frequently

Facial cleaning is one of the most important ways to take care of your face and not only for those who use cosmetics. This is because basically even though only inside the house, the face is still exposed to dust which makes the face become dull. Make sure to always use a facial cleanser with a neutral pH and specially formulated to gently cleanse the epidermal layer which is the outer part of the skin..

  • Use Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Choose a facial moisturizer and sunscreen according to skin type, the ingredients in it and should be made from natural ingredients so that it is safe and effective in its use.

  • Eating Healthy Food Frequently

Eating vegetables and fruits every day is a natural way to have healthy skin from inside and make the face look much healthier and younger. It also makes the body not easily to be sick.

  • Taking Physical Exercise Frequently

Physical exercise can trigger the production of collagen which can make the structure of the skin tighter and prevent premature aging. At first, you can choose a physical exercise that is not too strenuous, such as morning walks, zumba activities at home or doing simple yoga movements.

  • Have Enough Sleep

Enough sleep for 7-8 hours per day can help optimize skin regeneration and collagen production which results in healthy and bright skin. In addition, adequate rest can also restore body health.

  • Consuming Enough Water

Consuming at least 8 glasses of water per day and done every day routinely can keep skin moist, healthy and not dull.

  • Do Not Stress

In the mid of the current Covid-19 situation, people are not only challenged by their physical health but also mental health. Social distancing is prone to make people lonely because they are forced to be far from loved ones. Stress and anxiety can result in breakouts and premature aging. So, it is important to maintain mental health as part of care for the skin. As for ways that can be followed such as meditation or taking meditation classes from social media, sorting out information that can be trusted and drinking beverage that can cope with stress such as chamomile tea, peppermint tea or green tea.

  • Avoid Touching Your Face

WFH means we can work with a plain face without cosmetic. However, we should still avoid touching our face. Not only because of the Corona virus, touching the face can transfer bacteria from hand to face. The bacteria then will mix up with dirt and oil which then close the pores and finally make the appearance of pimples.
Although some activities can be carried out outside home with a mandatory compliance with health protocols, but the advice "stay at home" is still recommended in order to avoid contamination of the Corona virus. And for that facial skin care is also still needed even if we do not go outside the house. Stay healthy, stay safe everyone!

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