Otsuka care for tuberculosis patients with severe malnutrition

   Tuberculosis (TB) is a chronic infectious disease, which remains a health and nutritional problem throughout the world including in Indonesia and most of the tuberculosis patients were in malnourished status. The initiation treatment will resulted in improvement in nutritional status of patient, with energy and protein intake, and socioeconomic status. The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated Indonesia as one of the “high burden country” for tuberculosis and obviously became one of the major illnesses in Indonesia. Tuberculosis is frequently followed by malnutrition disorder in the patient. Therefore, the Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia has invited the private partners in order to overcome tuberculosis cases with malnutrition.

   PT. Otsuka Indonesia as the counterpart of Ministry of Health is supporting the program namely: “Otsuka care for tuberculosis patients with severe malnutrition disorder” in conjunction with the CSR activity that is held routinely by the company.

   Depok city, West Java province is selected as the target area of this CSR activity program. The donation is delivered as the supplement food called Proten® that contain the soya protein about 10 grams per sachet. Hopefully, this donation could help the tuberculosis patients with severe malnutrition, so the treatment of tuberculosis can be achieved optimally.

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