Otsuka Group in Indonesia achieved "Exemplar Award" from Ending Workplace Tuberculosis (EWTB) for its efforts in tackling Tuberculosis

Jakarta, March 22 2024 – PT Otsuka Indonesia and PT Amerta Indah Otsuka which are subsidiaries of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Japan) received the Exemplar Award from Ending Workplace Tuberculosis (EWTB). This prestigious award was announced in conjunction with the momentum of celebrating World Tuberculosis Day 2024, which recognizes the extraordinary contribution of companies like Otsuka to tackling tuberculosis (TBC) in the workplace.

The Exemplar Award is given by EWTB to selected companies that have demonstrated very impactful efforts in overcoming tuberculosis in the workplace which contributes to the high number of TB cases in Indonesia. EWTB is a joint initiative supported by the Global Fund, Stop TBC Partnership, World Economic Forum and more than 40 other leading companies. Launched in 2020 to strengthen and mobilize the role of the business sector in detecting, treating and preventing tuberculosis in the workplace.

Sudarmadi Widodo - HCD & Corporate Communications Director Otsuka said, "Tuberculosis (TB) is still one of the biggest infectious diseases that causes death in Indonesia. According to data from the Ministry of Health, there are more than 1,000,000 (one million) people living with TB. Indonesia has a target to eliminate TB by 2030. Otsuka, as a company operating in the health sector, initiated the "Free TB at Workplaces" program as a form of Otsuka's commitment in accordance with the company philosophy, namely Otsuka People Creating New Products for Better Health Worldwide. This program has received support from the Ministry of Manpower and the Ministry of Health."

To qualify for the award, organizations/companies must demonstrate long-term commitment and sustainable contribution to the control and prevention of TB in the workplace. Otsuka Novel Products GmbH (ONPG) as the control center for the company's TBC program has facilitated the nomination for this award. ONPG works closely with Otsuka Group in Indonesia and other affiliates, and facilitates a global health network dedicated to tackling TB.

Widodo continued, "Indonesia is the country with the second highest number of TB in the world, Otsuka Group in Indonesia is focusing attention on tackling TB in the workplace through the FREE Tuberculosis at Workplaces program, since the start of the program in July 2022 there have been 31 company partners who have joined to detect/ TB screening to more than 70,000 employees. This makes the program one of the largest corporate TB screening programs in the world. "This program also provides medical and nutritional support for those who test positive for TB, connecting them with PUSKESMAS health services and nutritional counseling to ensure TB patients receive good nutritional intake and recover quickly and reach their ideal body weight."

"I really appreciate Otsuka for initiating the FREE TBC at Workplaces program, because this program has contributed to educating and increasing the Indonesian people's understanding of TB in the workplace, so it is hoped that it can change the negative stigma for TB sufferers and can reduce TB cases, especially in the elderly. productive. "I hope that Otsuka will continue to consistently carry out and expand this program to other companies," said dr. Imran Pambudi – Director of Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, Indonesian Ministry of Health.

“Congratulations to the Otsuka Group in Indonesia for receiving the Exemplar Award ( "This is a form of appreciation to Otsuka who has demonstrated a long-term commitment and ongoing contribution to the management and prevention of TB in the workplace," explained Matt Oliver - Director of Ending Workplace TB.

"With this Exemplar Award, the Otsuka Group in Indonesia is even more enthusiastic about helping the Indonesian government in reducing TB cases and changing public perception of TB, so that TB sufferers who have recovered can return to normal lives without discrimination, as well as creating a healthy and healthy work environment. free from TB," concluded Widodo.

An opinion piece published in the World Economic Forum on the importance of current public health initiatives is available online:


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