Support for Victims of Volcano Eruption In Sinabung-North Sumatra

   Mount Sinabung in Tanah Karo district,North Sumatra, had erupted again. This eruption causing many casualties and motivate PT. Otsuka Indonesia to provide assistance for displaced victims.

   PT.Otsuka Indonesia distribute dietary supplements as much as 6,300 Sachets  of “PROTEN”, which accepted by Local government representative of Tanah Karo, and then distributed to refugees of mount Sinabung eruption. At that time, the number of refugees is 24,000 persons, which is 60% of refugees is child and toddler groups.

   With this dietary supplement supports “PROTEN”. We hope, we can do something to help  the victims of mount Sinabung eruption, especially nutritional adequacy of protein needs



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